20 November 2009

why, hello again....

kinda forgot i even had a blog! wow, where have i been:

well. let's see.....
#1: the twilight books. yes! i read every word in all four books. LOVED them! however, i wasn't very impressed with the movie. :\ i've heard that "new moon" was much better, but i won't be breaking my neck to stand in line with all the "edward groupies" to watch. i prefer renting in off the redbox at wal-mart, popping my own popcorn, and donning my jammies for that type of fine entertainment.

#2: school started. yes! i am "that crazy first grade teacher" that wears bright colored knee socks with her skirts on chapel day; her hair sticks straight up (and i mean on end!); funky sassy glasses; and has all the other teachers wondering what is really in her "bubba keg"... it's ice water, i swear! i have nine crazy kiddos this year... love every one of them. along with all the art work, hugs, "good morning teacher", tying of shoes, fixing ponytails, turning cartwheels in the gym, and the mispronunciation of my last name... all on a daily basis.

#3: life. yes! i do have one. however, it may be kinda boring at times; it does take a lot of my time. the mr. and i have started "remodeling" the house. i use that term loosely since i'm not quite sure what we are doing other than making a HUGE mess (of the house and my allergies). but the cute picture i have in my head when the house is finished is awesome! bright, make you smile colors and lots of antiques! can't wait, can't wait!

so yes! we're still here. still breathing in between choir practices, reading books about teenage vampires, kleenex, and cupcakes. oh, i've made some cute ones! i'll have to have a show and tell feature after thanksgiving. ;)

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