30 June 2009

it is to a man's job!

at least in my house it is! a recent conversation with the mr. we decided that if i cook dinner, then he'll do the dishes. alright fair enough.

well.... i think the mr. forgot his part of the deal. however, he's been swamped with work. i believe that retail managers should have a special place in heaven after dealing with the general public day and and day out. so i washed the dishes today. no biggie. i actually like washing dishes and cleaning my house for that matter. however i am slow as christmas when it comes to these every day tasks. i tend to get lost in the moment. i let my ADD take over my thoughts and i'm lost until the sink is clean. so with today's washing: i thought about the next post i would put on here, that i need to email my sister and see what kind of country music she needs for a party, that i need to call the dentist and see what is up with a tooth that is bothering me, that i need to wash/bleach the whites in the bathroom floor, that i need to give wyatt his second round of eardrops for the day, all the while james brown "papa's got a brand new bag" song stuck in my head! nice! and to think that all of this was going on at once. crazy-ness. i think it goes along with the medical weirdness that i'm already attributing to.

so the sink is clean. with the exception of two pans, but that's only because i didn't have room in the dish drainer for them. and as for the diet coke in the sink, that was from yesterday. i put it in the freezer to get cold while we were at the doctor. however after 6 hours of us running around town, the soda froze solid. i tried to thaw it out and save it however it just fuzzed all over the place so in the sink it went. so with that i leave you with a new favorite quote of mine: "cleaniness is not next to godliness. it's no where in the neighborhood. because who has ever had a religious experience from scrapping burnt cheese off of a toaster oven"... thank you erma bombeck! you are my hero!

cheating off of facebook...

i love facebook. i believe it's the best source of gossip from all the " debbie do gooders" and rebellious bad boys high school.. i think it's the "rag mag" of reality for us normal folk. so anyways, i have recently made some of my facebook friends scratch their head and say "something is not right with that girl" after a horribly mis-typed status. so in order to gracefully redeem myself, i posted a "note" of explanation. so i'm going to cheat and make that my first official post on here, only because i'm a little on the lazy side today and i don't think i could retype everything from memory:

well let's say that my life mission of "going against the norm" has found its way in the medical arena, along with tailgating my four year old. so let's see if this will clear up any "that girl is just weird/not right/wrong/crazy" statements that you may have mumbled to yourself while reading my facebook statuses.
case #1: yes i am only 30 years old and yes i have dropped over 30 pounds in weight and yes i still have a blood pressure problem. nice! so anyways, with the excessive heat that we have had here in texas, my blood pressure has made a loud and clear petition that it doesn't NOT want me to function on these days. i asked my doctor yesterday about why i feel slow, sluggish, unmotivated, and want to sleep the day away and his answer: you need to stay cool and make sure that you take your meds everyday. well thank you doctor for your harvard medical school answer! :P so i will be staying inside with a quick trip to sonic happy hour for my 1/2 price relief of diet coke with lime.
case #2: my little wyatt. bless his heart, the apple didn't fall too far from the tree with the medical weirdness. let's back up to march 2008 when we had tubes put in both of his ears. the ENT said that his ears were so infected that the "junk" had the consistency of jell-o. (i now think of that each time i eat jell-o) and no wonder the pour guy had a speech problem! he was listening to his crazy mother's high pitched voice thru jell-o! no anyways, haven't had any problems until this past weekend. wyatt had a fun filled afternoon of swimming at my mom's. and mom did what every other mother in america did after swimming, she put a drop or two of rubbing alcohol in his left ear to get the water out. enter in scene from pretty woman where julia roberts goes back to the rude dress shop and yells "BIG MISTAKE. HUGE!" note to self: if a child or adult has tubes in his ears DO NOT put ANYTHING in the ears!! (i will now remember that for the rest of my life). well wyatt came unhinged! screamed for 20 minutes. my mom was flipping out while i was leisurely walking around a cool temperated albertson's getting groceries. so i made him an appointment with our family doctor yesterday and the result was $20 of meds for a very infected left ear. "wow" was the doctor's exact words and said that he couldn't identify the parts of his ear from all the junk inside. hmm.. nice. the jell-o status has returned. well something told me to call the ENT and see what he had to say. was able to get in and the verdict was the same. "wow". seems to be the new word for all the doctors to say these days. so after a quick "vacuuming" out of his left ear, there was something still in there. so out comes the funky surgical tweezers things (that i secretly want) and he pulls out a ..... "how weird... i don't know what that is". i'm sure that my face and the doctor's face was identical. after further looking under his scope that i'm sure cost more than my house, he figured out that is was a polyp. yep, my kid had a polyp in his ear from the chronic inflammation! nice. followed by "i've never seen that before". i can only imagine what this man has seen in ears of all ages. at least i didn't have to explain how that got in wyatt's ear. :) so home we came, with another script for ear drops since the first round of meds are null and void because it was for treating something else.
so what a day! i do believe it should go down in the record books under "medical weirdness".

alright, back to normal for the day. at least as normal as i can get. and back to cleaning my house. i'll report back with progress, or lack there of.