30 June 2009

it is to a man's job!

at least in my house it is! a recent conversation with the mr. we decided that if i cook dinner, then he'll do the dishes. alright fair enough.

well.... i think the mr. forgot his part of the deal. however, he's been swamped with work. i believe that retail managers should have a special place in heaven after dealing with the general public day and and day out. so i washed the dishes today. no biggie. i actually like washing dishes and cleaning my house for that matter. however i am slow as christmas when it comes to these every day tasks. i tend to get lost in the moment. i let my ADD take over my thoughts and i'm lost until the sink is clean. so with today's washing: i thought about the next post i would put on here, that i need to email my sister and see what kind of country music she needs for a party, that i need to call the dentist and see what is up with a tooth that is bothering me, that i need to wash/bleach the whites in the bathroom floor, that i need to give wyatt his second round of eardrops for the day, all the while james brown "papa's got a brand new bag" song stuck in my head! nice! and to think that all of this was going on at once. crazy-ness. i think it goes along with the medical weirdness that i'm already attributing to.

so the sink is clean. with the exception of two pans, but that's only because i didn't have room in the dish drainer for them. and as for the diet coke in the sink, that was from yesterday. i put it in the freezer to get cold while we were at the doctor. however after 6 hours of us running around town, the soda froze solid. i tried to thaw it out and save it however it just fuzzed all over the place so in the sink it went. so with that i leave you with a new favorite quote of mine: "cleaniness is not next to godliness. it's no where in the neighborhood. because who has ever had a religious experience from scrapping burnt cheese off of a toaster oven"... thank you erma bombeck! you are my hero!

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