05 July 2009

3 birthdays in 3 days...

... and i'm wiped. and to think that i've had cake each day too!! wowziers! "hello weight watchers, i need immediate assistance..." yes ma'am, back to counting points tomorrow. so anyways, thought i would share with you some photos of the past three days:

my sweet nanny's birthday was on friday... took her to cici's pizza and to walmart, but had the shin-dig on saturday at my parents. love this photo of her. my plan is to frame it and set it somewhere in the house... probably in the kitchen somewhere. and yes, these were her fresh strawberry cupcakes that i made for her. strawberry anything is her absolute favorite! i remember going to braum's when i was little and she always, always ordered strawberry. now i like strawberry too, but when they have something with chocolate and something made of chocolate added to it with chocolate drizzled on top... well sorry nanny, the strawberry is all yours!

and it was independence day for us americans! woo-hoo... a national holiday to grill out hotdogs and hamburgers, go swimming, eat watermelon, all that kind of good stuff. i love america.. i love this history, the heroes, the wars, blah blah blah... and i'll be generous and save you from my history lesson. that's was the history channel is for. which i LOVE.. almost more than braum's chocolate ice cream.

and to wrap up the festivities, it was noah's 5th birthday today. noah is the son of my best friends, sheri and jeremy... which on a day when i'm talking fast, they are referred to as "sheremy". but anyways, they put together an amazing party and an even more amazing cake! so thanks to them, we had our fill of pizza, cake, and arcade games for the summer. thanks you guys! we had a blast!!

so now i'm back to eating healthy after all this sinful eating i have done for three days. and no the tofu noodles are not on the menu, but that could change in desperation...

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