14 December 2009

this is a test...

candy cane cupcake
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for some reason, i can't post photos on my blog right. i've tried everything.. looking at old photos, searching the "help" sections on blogger and flickr, which were not very helpful. so if you use blogger AND flickr to post your photos... can you tell me how you do that?! at least multiple photos? thanks! :)

03 December 2009

P-Dub came to town....

.... and i kinda-sorta met her. well, let's put it this way: we were in the same building, at the same time, breathing the same air, and probably thinking the same thing... "where did all these people come from?"

yea, it was crazy! by the time we got there over 250 wrist bands were giving out and there was still over 2 hours of waiting. i took some funny "people watching" photos, but i can't remember how to load photos on here... blogger and i are both being weird.
so i'm going to think on it and re-post. because without the photos, well this post is kinda dull.

30 November 2009

you would think....

.... that i would learn to NOT rub my eyes when i'm wearing mascara... nice.

yes, it's been a monday!

but i'm going to meet her tomorrow! so i need to make sure to not have racoon-eyes tomorrow. or maybe i should and she would make some silly comment about me on her uber-fantastic blog. and that's how i became famous!

ha! a simple girl can dream big right?

27 November 2009

hardwood floor.

i love hardwood floor. i love the way it feels under my feet. the way it sounds when you walk on it. and my sweet lil' almost 60 year old home has it from wall to wall. beautiful hardwood floors.


someone decided that they didn't like it and put ugly beige carpet on top of it. i would love to meet this person and shake some sense into him/her.

the house purging is going well. i make those "michael jackson" face masks look good while i'm hauling out the aforementioned carpet to the curb. i'm sure my neighbors are laughing at me from their window. "there's that weird girl again.... wonder what she's up to?"

hehe... nothing like having the neighbors talk about you. ;)

20 November 2009

why, hello again....

kinda forgot i even had a blog! wow, where have i been:

well. let's see.....
#1: the twilight books. yes! i read every word in all four books. LOVED them! however, i wasn't very impressed with the movie. :\ i've heard that "new moon" was much better, but i won't be breaking my neck to stand in line with all the "edward groupies" to watch. i prefer renting in off the redbox at wal-mart, popping my own popcorn, and donning my jammies for that type of fine entertainment.

#2: school started. yes! i am "that crazy first grade teacher" that wears bright colored knee socks with her skirts on chapel day; her hair sticks straight up (and i mean on end!); funky sassy glasses; and has all the other teachers wondering what is really in her "bubba keg"... it's ice water, i swear! i have nine crazy kiddos this year... love every one of them. along with all the art work, hugs, "good morning teacher", tying of shoes, fixing ponytails, turning cartwheels in the gym, and the mispronunciation of my last name... all on a daily basis.

#3: life. yes! i do have one. however, it may be kinda boring at times; it does take a lot of my time. the mr. and i have started "remodeling" the house. i use that term loosely since i'm not quite sure what we are doing other than making a HUGE mess (of the house and my allergies). but the cute picture i have in my head when the house is finished is awesome! bright, make you smile colors and lots of antiques! can't wait, can't wait!

so yes! we're still here. still breathing in between choir practices, reading books about teenage vampires, kleenex, and cupcakes. oh, i've made some cute ones! i'll have to have a show and tell feature after thanksgiving. ;)

12 July 2009

my dream...

red river 2 004
to have my husband's boots waiting for him in the hallway. i dreamed that i would marry some rancher and live on some 1,000 acres out in the middle of nowhere in a beautiful stone house with a wrap-around porch with rocking chairs. i've dreamed this for as long as i can remember. i'm cowboy, well... as much as i can be. my family is cowboy, thru and thru. it's in my blood. it's home. i guess that's why living in the city is "cramping my style" if you will.

but this is what i wanted. a tall, rugged cowboy wearing wranglers, pearl-snap shirts, and his favorite cowboy hat to call me his. and i waited. and waited. and waited some more.

and then i met "him". i'll never forget the day that he came to pick me up for our first date. wranglers.. check. hat... check (well it was a baseball hat, but that works too). boots... check, but they weren't the retro squared toe with a riding heel that i had invisioned. shirt.... a nice t-shirt. okay, half check. it wasn't a panhandle slim, but that's alright, we can work on that.

and nine years later, he still wears his t-shirts with his wranglers. and he looks really good in a cowboy hat. we don't have that nice ranch house with land and some hundred head of cattle. but we dream about it. maybe one day when we say goodbye to the little city where both of our parents grew up just walking distance from where we live now. maybe he'll have that dream job of being a "cowboy"... hey, men have dreams of what they want to be when they grow up too!

and even though it's not the "dream come true" that i whole-heartedly wanted some ten years ago... it's exactly what i needed. and when it comes down to it, it doesn't matter that he doesn't wear pearl-snaps and rides a horse to work each morning. he calls me "his".

early 2009 040

10 July 2009


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